Our Team

The term "team" for Nancy's Passions® is defined via a group of exceptional individuals who have unique skills, talents and/or amazing personalities that come together to enable the execution of a common goal.  Our teams are assembled based on our projects.  It enables us to give you the ultimate couture/custom experience.  Our lab has its main R&D facility in Sunny Southern California, USA.  We manufacture and service clients internationally. 

Some Reoccurring Wonderful Members:

Delphine Martel, Researcher in Switzerland, Emma Richards, Client Relations for Canada/France, Nancy Gagnon, Color Expert & Color Formulations, Michel Lebrun, Chemist, France, Christine Birstas, Promotions/Sales/Esthetics, M. Chammartin, Promotions/Switzerland/Personal Care, Dr. Dubois, Cosmetic Surgeon & Contributor on R&D, C. Carrard, Consultant, China, M. Wu, Consultant, USA,  Taylor Wade, Consultant, Canada, T. Engedal, Entertainment Professional-Product Placement in Flim/TV Consultant, Hollywood, USA, D.Redleaf, Celebrity Stylist/MUA/Consutant, USA.

Our Founder:
CEO, Owner of Nancy's Passions®, Miss Gagnon is trained in multi-disciplines, not limited to: Fine Arts, Pure & Applied Sciences (including Polymer Chemistry & Physics) and a prior Engineering career in applied information systems (Computer Science). Nancy brings a unique international career of eclectic skills to the table.  Fueled by creativity and her hands-on artful design approach, she is known for her out of the box thinking/innovations, quality, work ethic and solution-oriented, strong people skills.  Nancy is color, wears all that she creates, speaks your language & goes above and beyond to find you unique solutions while innovating interesting applications. In her spare time she is an artist and an active designer on other platforms. Trained in make-up corrective artistry/special effects and hair color, from a behind the chair perspective, are also attributes reflected in our in-house formulations.  Current member of: ACS, Organic Chemistry Division & SCC, California Chapter. Fluent in French & English.  Nancy consults with labs and clients internationally.  She is active on all our in-house productions and it is not uncommon to see her testing colors on herself.

Our Current Popular Services Include:
Consulting & Technical Support for Colored Applications, Custom Formulations,  Research & Development (on location or off-site/in house), Make-up Demos/Makeovers to demonstrate quality of products (by appointment), Product Design, Specialty prototyping for trade events and launches, Special Effects Products, Finished Good Manufacturing/Contract Color Manufacturing, Color Matching, Color Formulas/Developing Collections (Turn-Key or Custom), Assistance with product placement for Film/Television (Currently available for USA and Canada Only), Reverse Engineering, Fulfillment services (case by case), sample productions for digital launches/market tests, Color Line Creation/Having your Colors Done, Training Services for Pro Use Products, Trade Venue Integration, Label Translation Services, Video Editing for Digital Content, Celebrity Stylist/MUA Consultation, Celebrity Endorsements, Product Coaching for Start-ups needing education and help at every step of the way (case by case basis) & Event Integration (Red Carpets)

Some Applications:
Pencils (lips, brow, crayons and eyes), Pressed Powders (face, eyes, brows, cheeks), Loose Powders (eyes, brows, face, edible adult novelty powders), Creams (concealer, hair, eyes, lips, cheek, color primer), Gels (lip stains, brows, mascaras, eye shadow, hair, lips), Liquids (foundations, hair color, eye liner, brow, lip, nail polish), Sticks (foundation, deodorant, concealer, contour, lip products), Hair Applications (temp, semi permanent and permanent root touch up types), Special Effects (photography, film, TV, Personal Care/Companion Products for your Color Line (Eau de parfum, Skincare, Hair Care) [...]

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