How can I bring my idea for a cosmetic product to market to promote my new label or salon?

It is a good idea to research your concept first, have an idea as to the market you'd like to target and what exactly you really would love to create. Then, the first step is to do your initial online research, make sure you are set up to be a business, have all the necessary permits, cosmetic/commercial liability insurance, as you will need this for your own label.  Then, after you read our FAQ document, found below, email our office to schedule a complementary phone call. 

Do you offer only colored cosmetic products?

No, we offer a variety of companion skin or hair care to compliment your colored collection.  

How can I get started?

We invite you to view a helpful document that we took the time to create based on popular questions our staff receives regularly. Click on the link below to load the PDF document.
You can call us after you read this printer-friendly document.
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